The Secret Origin of Marvelous Mormonads

One of my best friends had a young adult book recently published and I bought a copy for my 13-year-old niece. My sister read it first and thought some of the content was still a little too mature for her daughter. Not that my sister is a prude, mind you, but I don't have any children of my own so my brain isn't wired to be a constant filter. Feeling the need for redemption (this wasn't the first time this had happened) I told my niece I was going to text her a Mormon Ad once a day so the next time her mom brought up the subject of me giving her inappropriate stuff she could say, "While that may be true Mom, remember all those times he encouraged me to go to the temple and read scriptures?"

So after I sent her one Mormon Ad I was Googling another one to send her and I kept laughing and cringing at how outdated the images were. Then I came across the Temper Your Temper one and immediately the Hulk jumped into my mind. So I photoshopped the Hulk in and sent it to my niece.  The next day I saw the Smart Mouth one and decided to use Deadpool.  I put them on my Facebook page and had an overwhelmingly positive response. Friends who were into comics thought they were hilarious and mothers kept saying how much they wanted them for their kids so I decided to keep going and make one a day.  I don't know why Marvel characters seem to translate so well with Mormon Ads, but they do.  Maybe now people won't scoff at kids if they see them reading comics at church.

About Sean Leslie

When Sean is not in the tub reading comics he can usually be found crafting various kinds of movie replicas or standing in long lines to get books autographed. Sean is a rabid comic book fan. In fact he even prepaid for 2 years worth of comics while he went on a mission so he would never miss an issue. He is also a cinefile and loves movies almost as much as he loves comics. He is a podcaster of the former world renowned podcast Fight for Comics and Pizza Party Podcast that lasted 6 and a half successful years with a combined total of 400+ episodes. He currently contributes to recently launched bi-weekly comic book review podcast called All-New Wednesday Warriors.


Where: Sandy, Utah

Occupation: Web Designer

Church Calling: Ward Webmaster and Unofficial Activities Committee

Mission: Durban, South Africa

Podcast: All-New Fight for Comics

Favorite Hero: My wife, Britney

Favorite Marvel Hero: Thor

Favorite Graphic Novel: Cages by Dave McKean

Favorite Book: Life of Pi by Yann Martel

Favorite Band: Radiohead and Modest Mouse

Favorite Movie: Amelie

Pets: 3 Westies (Hamish, MacKenzie, and Fergus)

Sean Leslie drawing by Parker Jacobs